Gurus + Roots = GuRoots



gu·ru \ ˈgu̇r-ü  , ˈgü-ru \

a: a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern

b: one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent

c: a person with knowledge or expertise

As a business owner, teacher, doctor, musician or anything else you may be, you are a guru. You’ve mastered your skill or trade and helped guide the way of countless customers, students, clients, and patients. You share your knowledge with those who are ready to listen. You are constantly growing.



roo·ts \ ˈrüt , ˈru̇t  \

a: an underlying support

b: the essential core

c: computersa level of access to a computer system

Roots are the foundation of our entire being and a primary source of nourishment in our daily lives. Roots create stability and interconnectivity between living things. We uproot, lay down our roots, root for what we love and eventually go back to our roots. When we see our true roots, the world becomes a connected place.



gü·roots \ ˈgü-rüts , ˈgoo-roots \

a: a creative partnership that helps businesses grow on the web

b: a play on words based on two fundamental pieces of life

c: a connection between you, the guru and us, the roots.

The name GuRoots came out of thin air one summer day under the big Montana sky. After debating a long list of names, GuRoots felt the most bridged to who we are as people; simple, earthy and connected. Allow us to be the foundation that allows you to share your message on the web. Let’s grow together.