A 2-person partnership growing the web

GuRoots was sprouted in Northwest Montana in the summer of 2013 by partners Jasmine and Matt. Since then, we've built nearly 100 websites for a wide-array of businesses and individuals. We are driven to connect with like-minded business owners looking to grow their online presence organically.


Who We are

Jasmine and Matt: outdoor explorers, business owners, travelers, web developers, dreamers, skiers, art makers, music players, animal lovers, rafters, web trainers, seo-ers, hikers, bikers, yogi-ers and high-fivers.


What we've done

We’ve grown multiple businesses, graduated from The Ohio State University (Matt) and UW-Oshkosh (Jasmine), built nearly 100 websites and planted a tree for every client we’ve worked with.


What We do

We do web design, domain registration, website hosting, email, website training, search engine optimization, analytics, content development, photography and online marketing.



what we'll do for you

We’ll build you a website that represents your business in it’s finest light. After that, we’ll train you to fully take over your web platform in-house. Finally, we’ll share a couple high fives.