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Terms and Conditions
Overview: These are the standard terms and conditions for GuRoots, LLP’s marketing and design services and apply to all contracts and work undertaken by GuRoots, LLP for it’s clients. By using services provided by GuRoots, LLP, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions listed in this document.
 Payments: All services are charged at our current hourly rate. A down payment of 50% of the project estimation is required from the client in order to begin design projects. The outstanding balance is due within 15 days of the project completion. Monthly marketing and website maintenance invoices are sent on or near the 1st of each following service month and due within 15 days. All invoices are sent via email and can be paid via PayPal.
 Cancellations: Clients or service providers (GuRoots, LLP) may cancel services at anytime with no cancellation fees. Down payments and services completed are non-refundable.
 Third-Party Products: We use a variety of third-party products for clients when building online platforms to help complete projects efficiently. Third-party products and services include but are not limited to: domain registrars, hosting providers, content management system providers, advertising services, email providers and stock content providers. All third-party products are setup and licensed between the client and the third-party product provider. GuRoots, LLP is not responsible or liable for the maintenance, security, billing, uptime, functionality or any other legality of any third-party product or service used.
 Ongoing Costs: Clients are responsible for maintenance of ongoing costs and payments with all third-party providers. If a credit card changes, clients must manually update payment information on their hosting, domain registrar or email accounts. Materials: Clients must provide all website and marketing materials required to complete the project. Clients are responsible for all necessary permissions and authorities in regards to all content included on the site or marketing platform. GuRoots, LLP is not responsible for copyright or trademark infringements in material provided by the client.
 Deadlines: If you have a pressing project, we understand and are happy to assist if we are able. However, we may need to charge an expedited service rate depending on the circumstance.
 Functionality and SEO: We follow the best practices for web design and search engine optimization but do not guarantee functionality on outdated technology. Nor do we guarantee specific search rankings as this is not possible (but we do aim high). If something needs tweaked, just ask, we’re here to help.
 Non-disclosure: In no way will GuRoots, LLP disclose any of the client’s private or public information.
By signing below, I, the client, understand the services included in my project, the terms of this contract and my responsibilities with ongoing maintenance. I, the client, have read and accepted the terms and conditions provided by GuRoots, LLP.
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