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Winter Wanders

Shimmering snow falls outside of the window as low-hanging clouds dissipate in the cold winter sun. Another stream of coffee pours from the kettle as gentle morning melodies come and go through the air like passersby.

While the computer sits dark, ski boots clink together in preparation for another day on the slopes. It’s 8:30 on a Tuesday morning, there’s a foot of fresh snow waiting in the hills and screens become a thing of the past. The cabin door shuts and there’s no telling when it will open again.

The creative process doesn’t seem to have an on and off switch. Creativity tends to fall like snow: sometimes peacefully, sometimes fiercely and sometimes not at all.

The creative process and the outdoors is a balance. Sometimes when you’re on the computer you daydream of the chairlift; sometimes on the chairlift you brainstorm about projects. Outdoor activity lends itself to creativity, and when the creativity has been spent, it’s time to go back outside.

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Columbia Falls, Montana

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